About us

Our mission

EUROPIC’s mission is to support and accelerate the application of knowledge and technologies in the area of Process Intensification (PI). EUROPIC is the result of the increasing awareness of the importance of PI. It is a unique industry-driven platform with headquarters at Delft (Holland), and offices in Erlangen (Germany) and Toulouse (France), initiated in 2009 by nine leading European companies

Connecting science and business

To support and integrate the entire value chain EUROPIC actively connects science and business in innovative application-driven research. EUROPIC creates interfaces between academia, end users, engineering companies and technology providers. The excellent knowledge infrastructure, broad network and complementary expertise of the partners ensure broad coverage of the PI field.

High-quality services

Paying special attention to the quality and reliability of the supplied information, EUROPIC provides its members with unlimited access to technology reports on dedicated technologies, the world’s largest PI databases on research groups and technology providers. It performs technology scouting, patent reviews, benchmarking and trend analyses. Furthermore, EUROPIC provides its members with worldwide consulting services, as well as specialized courses and trainings.


EUROPIC is a foundation registered under the Dutch law, with professional management and a two-level structure.

Executive board

Prof. Andrzej Stankiewicz (Delft)
Chairman of the board
Responsibility: Benelux, UK, Scandinavia

Prof. Christophe Gourdon (Toulouse)
Member of the Board
Responsibility: Mediterranean region

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hannsjörg Freund (Erlangen)
Member of the board
Responsibility: Central & Eastern Europe

Michel Meyer (Ensiacet)
Member of the board


Mr. Frans Spits, MBA (Delft) Managing Director

Strategic Advisory Board members

Dr. Manfred Nagel (Evonik), Chairman
Dr. Jean-Luc Dubois  (Arkema)
Dr. Achim Gritsch (BASF)
Dr. Dirk Saretzki  (Bayer)
Dr. Louis Vovelle   (Elkem Silicones)
Dr. Sophie Vallon  (Corning)
Dr. Marcel Verschuur  (Fluor)
Dr. Niklas Ebner  (Lonza)
Dr. Patrick Ducouret (Sanofi)
Dr. Dominique Horbez (Solvay)
Dr. Koos Overwater  (Technip)
Dr. Jacques Membrez  (Givaudan)
Dr. Dominique Audoux (Seqens)
Dr. Pascal Rousseaux (Processium)
Dr. Roberto Werneck do Carmo (Braskem)

Meetings organized 2 times per year at various European locations

Back Office

Ms. Leslie van Leeuwen (Delft)